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| Requiem Custom Card deck *XVIII IV +XXIII VI is done - visit www.facebook.com/requiemcards |

16/11 : 2013
Custom card deck Requiem has been released into the wild. Please check the facebook page to see how it looks; courts, joker and aces images in the ablums.
3 months working on these illustrations and designs since august 2013. Requiem is looking for a producer or a way to be produces. KickStarter is an option, but it will be after Xmas.
With this deck i release a big amount of pain and sorrow after my soul has been raped as human being. Yes, probably I´m too sensitive, but without being like this, the deck would never came to light. Enjoy it, like it, share it on this link

56 faces: everything has been redesigned, but at the same time I kept a standard index for easy readability.
The pips (nr. 2 to 10) are quite standard, but the 4 suites have been changed a little bit. Hearts are broken, Clubs have thorns, Diamonds are cracked, Spades are dry leaves.
The 55th card shows what each card means.

REQUIEM From Wikipedia:
"A Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as Mass for the dead (Latin: Missa pro defunctis) or Mass of the dead (Latin: Missa defunctorum), is a Mass celebrated for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons, using a particular form of the Roman Missal. It is frequently, but not necessarily, celebrated in the context of a funeral."

| Super Scott 9 - Beer label graphic |

28/09 : 2013
Super Scott 9 is a strong beer label (ALC. 9%) for a very small production at Scott Duff pub and Scott Joplin pub.



| Il male codardo - Malum Ignavum |

18/06 : 2013
Centaurea Diffusa occidit Laurum Nobilem VIII-VI-MMXIII - When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire; make ash and leave the dust behind -

| Aviator, droid and .... no idea |

01 : 2013

| Electrobelle - Ghosts // EP album cover|

02/02 : 2013
Electrobelle EP cover album, pure synth pop. Release fall 2013. Visit their facebook page


| DreamOn Floating Neural Interface Concept |

30/09 : 2012
It was sunday morning and I woke up at 7.23am after I had a beautiful dream. How many times we experience incredible oneiric stories over night? DreamOn is a concept of a Floating Neural Interface: a device that records and playbacks your dreams when you wake up after your REM phase. The G.U.I. appears as a floating transparent box with the functions and the buttons. Similar concepts appear in the following movies: The thernal Sunshine of a spotless mind, Strange days, The cell. INVENT IT NOW!


| WarMusic Album Cover Concept Art |

17/04 : 2012
Concept Art for WarMusic album cover. Produced by 159grooves, 3D rendering by David Salvatori.


| Myself in a FIAT500 |

29/09 : 2011
This FIAT500 Mille Miglia Rally reflects my bumpy journey through Italy, Belgium and Sweden since 1976. My hometowns are along a path that goes from south to north, starting from the place where I'm born (Ancona) passing through the places where I lived, studied and worked (Milano and Antwerp), finally to Stockholm, the green capital where I started over a new life in september 2009.

designkiller kawaii

| Scott Duff Pub - Logo Design |

11/06 : 2010
Logo for the Scott Duff Pub in Mlano, which is a good one.


| Cristian Sanavia "Olimpo" - Logo proposal |

15/02 2010
I have no idea if Cristian Sanavia used this logo, it was a proposal. I wish to see this on the ring befor the fight.

| Savage Kawaii :3 |

12/02 : 2010
I'm not that expert about this Kawaii world, I just know that I'll find a lot of kawaii (=cute in japanese) things and a lot of pink. Hello Kitty is supposed to be kawaii, as far as I know. The tattoo has been drawn by Ryan Zanfei (:3) from the States; here is her website TastyPeachStudios.com and her DeviantArt personal page!

designkiller kawaii

| Rebecca and her Koi fish tattoo |

10/02 : 2010
Rebecca shows us a new tattoo (drew by Chris Garver). It's a very nice Japanese Koi fish.



| Have you met Kim? |

07/02 : 2010
Another illustration with a peculiar care for transparency, accessories and details. Yes, yellow eyes: they exist, I'm an eye witness.

illustration pinup

| DesignKiller Website using "MIS Technology" |

05/02 : 2010
The M.I.S. Technology is the ultimate resource for those graphic designers with web-developing issues (M.I.S. = Make It Simple). Basic HTML format, 3 pages, one single column, many big images and neat graphic design using standard elements and fonts. Yes, this is Arial!

| Swedish Trio |

04/02 : 2010
These 3 ladies are my latest work. Their haircut and make-up might seem a bit "emo" but I took inspiration from the fashion of the late 70's and/or beginning of the 80's. The singer who actually reflects this style, and the one who gave me the inspiration and awesome electronic music, is Glass Candy and her whole album "Beat Box" (2007). It's a meltin' pot, it's a mix.



torakiki illustration

| Mecha DK01 |

27/01 : 2010
This is my latest illustration. It's been a while I'm sketching aliens and robots, this is a quick colored version of my "Mecha"... it seems one of those superdeformed japanese toys, one of those with a cute face and big heads.... I have to say that It's been quite difficoult to visualize all the threedimensional components in all their details and surfaces. I'd like to be a scupltor and make it for real!! (Ah! I apologize with the Japanese viewers if the text is wrong).


| Profiles |

December 2009
This is a series of profiles simply drew on blank paper with a 2B 0,5mm lead pencil. Everything was improvized and at the end I sorted them in groups and assigned their own symbol. It's another way to interpretate the poker cards and their figures.

cards profiles

| LatexDolls published on PENTHOUSE #376, Spain |

July 2009
Penthouse Spain published a series of 4 LatexDolls. Els, Naima, Martine and Audrey full page in this issue. I drew these 4 LatexDolls using a Wacom Intuos 3 Graphic Tablet. I plotted them on fine art canvas, protected with anti-UV spray, wrapped and framed with a thick and nice wooden frame.
From left to right: Audrey, Martine, Els and Naima.


| EEGIMS Corp. (South Korea) for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - 72th Anniversary |

Spring 2009
Promotional illustrations for the 72th Anniversary. 6 Dozen Years. Actually I don't know if and how they will use it. It was supposed to be an illustration for promotional material and gadgets.

krispy kreme
krispy kreme 2

| Corporate ID, several LogoTypes |

These are the LogoTypes I created between 2003 and 2009 in Milano, with my design studio Progetto25zero1.

Il Silfo (Restaurant) | ITALY 2005
Ottica Monti (Glasses and Lenses Shop) | ITALY 2005
RG Passion (Toy Factory) | SWITZERLAND 2003-2004
SerranFiore (Agriturismo) | ITALY 2005
Kitchen With a Difference (Healthy Fast Food) | UK 2008
J^House (Event) | ITALY 2003
Scott Joplin Pub | ITALY 2007 (with Giuliana Tammaro)
Parco Olimpico di Torino (Contest) | ITALY 2007
DGS (mechanical treatments) | ITALY 2005
MissJay (DJ) | ITALY 2006
Avitis (Consulting) | ITALY 2005
Glitter Comunicazione (Advertising, PR and Events) | ITALY 2004
Maza (boat) | ITALY 1998
DomuSystem | ITALY 2008
PF1 (clothing) | ITALY 2009
MP3 Eon (Product ) | ITALY 2009
Progetto25zero1 (Design and Graphic Design) | ITALY 2004


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